Join Insert Controller

So you’d like to get into writing? Maybe you already write? Either way you’re here because you clicked the Write for us link on the homepage, this means you’re interested in writing for us, and that’s great!

As you may already know, Insert Controller is a website dedicated to helping journalists get their foot in the door to a possible career in journalism, if a career isn’t your forte and you just enjoy writing as a hobby then we’re still happy to help.


The following jobs are available.

  • Writer (Website) [Author bio with links to social media]
  • Editor (Website)

If there are no vacancies available but you’re interested in working for us then feel free to contact us regardless, we’ll contact you as soon as a position is available.

Some information

Being a writer for Insert Controller is a voluntary position, you will not receive any monetary compensation, though we are currently seeking funding to be able to pay our writers a sum for their works.

Is it just reviews?

Not at all, we’re looking for anyone passionate about games, this can include news, reviews, event coverage and blogs with your personal opinions and so on.

We are also looking for content creators for other platforms such as video, podcast and more.

Anything about any game for any platform will be fine, events coverage for anything to do with gaming and even books and TV shows about gaming. Absolutely anything in the subject of gaming will be fine.

How often do I have to make content?

We don’t have an actual minimum for how much work you have to add, though we do ask that you try and submit at least once a month. The more work you submit will be more advantageous towards your chances of a career in journalism.

How to join

If you would like to join all you need to do is send an email to, make sure contain information such as:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Location
  • A sample of your work either in the email or attach a document with your example in

Yes it really is that simple.

The Rules

There aren’t many rules, just mere common sense really.

  • Always make sure to proof read all your works before submitting them.
  • Try not to use any images with watermarks from other sites in them. We prefer that images you find are from the developers or screenshots which you have taken yourself.
  • DO NOT use content from other sites unless it was written by you, if so make sure with the admin of the other site if it is okay to publish it on another site. We don’t want you to step on any toes.

We can’t guarantee that all applicants will be successful, it all depends on the quality of the sample you send us with your application.