Fix Britain’s Internet Campaign

A group of British internet providers have come together and formed a coalition to fix Britain’s internet.

Ofcom has launched a public consultation on whether Openreach should no longer be owned by BT and it wants to know what the public think.

Most British broadband providers in Britain operate on a national infrastructure called Openreach. Critics claim that BT has not maintained the system enough, despite being paid billions to do so. They state that millions of homes and businesses do not have the reliable, high-speed internet connections they need.

The coalition consists of Sky, TalkTalk, and Vodafone. Virgin operate on their own infrastructure and are not part of the coalition. The companies included in the coalition rely on the Openreach infrastructure to sell the internet to their customers and want Ofcom to force BT to split Openreach.

Openreach is based solely on copper which is slower and less reliable than fibre, the infrastructure that Virgin operates on.

The coalition has looked to gamers for their opinions towards the matter, as gamers rely on high-speed reliable internet when playing games online. With the internet becoming more of a requirement for more than just games, super-fast, reliable broadband is becoming a dependency.

A lot of homes use their broadband connection to stream media to their TVs, Smartphones, games consoles, and computers.

“Gamers rely on Openreach, but as research reveals, they are let down every day and struggle to get the internet speeds they need,” the Fix Britain’s Internet campaign said.

TalkTalk is testing their new Ultra Fibre Optic Broadband connection in York, with proposed speed of 1GB, which is close to 100MB faster than standard broadband connection in most homes.

With this kind of speed, you could download an HD movie in less than a minute, and a full video game in under 15 minutes. These speeds will also be better for the online gamer and will remove a lot of latency from their games.

The coalition has closed their public consultation and is currently working towards getting results from Ofcom. Hopefully, we can see a huge improvement in the future of our countries broadband, let’s hope Ofcom are in our favour.

You can visit the Fix Britain’s Internet campaign website for more information and to keep up to date at