My Thoughts On Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime? More like Amazon Dime… Right? Do you see what I did there? Dime? Because it’s only 10% of what you pay for? Like a dime is only 10 cents? Okay, that was lame. For some people, it features some of their favourite shows, like Mr. Robot, whatever that is?

Anywho. I’ve had Amazon Prime since the beginning of the year and I decided to check out Prime Video. Boy, was I in for a surprise.

I’m a huge fan of animation, I wish I could do it if I were to be completely honest. Most of the shows that I enjoy require me to pay £1.89 per episode or almost £20 per season. This got me thinking “What popular shows can I watch, even ones that I don’t like but others may?” so I searched for Family Guy, a show I cannot stand at all. Nope. Breaking Bad, a show I did actually enjoy, nope. True Blood, another show I cannot stand, nope. Game of Thrones, quite possibly the biggest craze in TV shows right now, nope.

Bearing in mind these examples are crazy popular shows that almost everyone loves, yet must pay extra to watch if they’re wanting to stream them through Amazon Prime Video. The only TV show I found that I actually liked on Prime Video was Sons of Anarchy.

As I mentioned, I love animation, from 3D to hand-drawn I love it. I searched through the animated option on Prime and do you know what the most popular show is? Peppa Pig. Seriously if you use Prime Video just count how many times that show pops up on the main screen. For me, I witnessed it around 5 times…

So is Amazon Prime Video worth it? I say no because almost all of the top rated shows in the past five years aren’t available as part of your subscription.

Let’s move to Amazon Prime Music. Anyone that follows me on FaceBook will know that a couple of months ago, I had a rather large dispute with Amazon Support over an album that I’d preordered.

I preordered Aesop Rock’s Impossible Kid, which is an awesome album and when I came to stream it on release I was presented with clean versions of the songs, which I ranted about frantically.

When I preordered the album it stated that I would be able to download and stream the album using Amazon Prime Music, which I was happy to know. The thing is I wasn’t asked which version I wanted to be able to download and stream and they locked me to the clean version. I contacted support which they went through the whole legal reason why I had the clean version. As they can see from my records that I am the account holder, I pay for everything in my name, which means I am over 18 years of age, so why force me to clean versions? I requested that they change it as I don’t like it when the vocals on songs sound like the record is skipping, which they still haven’t done. I posted my support ticket on June 18th and Amazon support still hasn’t fixed the issue and show no signs of doing so.

But that isn’t my only gripe with Amazon Prime Music. Some of you may know that I’m a huge, massive fan of Deftones. Amazon Prime Music will only let me stream five albums out of the eight albums the band has, the other three albums I must pay for to be able to stream. I know that Amazon sells music and video, but when they make you pay to stream it, only to make you pay extra to be able to stream the stuff you want in full, like Spongebob Squarepants past season 4, then there is something incredibly wrong there.

What about Amazon Prime Next Day Delivery? Well honestly, it’s the best part of Amazon Prime. The only part that makes it somewhat worth the cost, that is of course if you buy a lot of stuff on Amazon.

Now the reason why I ended up on Amazon Prime was somewhat my fault. I tried the service out for free but forgot to cancel before the end of my trial. Amazon didn’t notify that my trial period wasn’t coming to an end, and took the cost of a one-year membership out of my bank without me knowing, which put me into overdraft.

Sometimes an accidental purchase can be a good one, but to be honest, this time, it was not as I’ve only really made use of the next day delivery perk, nothing else.

There we go, my rant is over. Sure it was my fault that I wound up with Amazon Prime, well sort of. But the service, in my opinion, hasn’t been all that great. Amazon itself is a really great service to purchase stuff from, but the perks of Amazon Prime just aren’t worth it in my opinion.