Spotify to remain PlayStation exclusive

With the arrival of the new Windows Anniversary Edition OS coming to Xbox One consoles on the 2nd of August, players are questioning if Spotify will work with the new background music feature.

Since March 2015 Spotify has held an exclusive partnership with Sony for use of its service on PlayStation console. When the deal first landed Spotify stated that their partnership will remain “for the foreseeable” future.

This was Spotify’s response to a tweet questioning if there will be a Spotify App on Xbox to coincide with the background music feature.

It is unknown how the background music feature will work with Xbox One, but we’re sure that all will be explained leading up to the Windows Anniversary Edition release for Xbox One on the 2nd of August.

It is yet unknown how the Xbox One will play music, whether it will be from external USB devices, or through streaming services. There is speculation that Spotify and similar services that do not have an Xbox One app could work through Universal Windows App support, which will be a new feature in the upcoming update.

With Spotify having officially stated that their service will be exclusive to PlayStation and PlayStation only, all we can do is wait for more information on how the background music feature will work on Xbox One.