Pokémon Go finally reaches the UK

For what felt like an eternity to wait for some, the long awaited Pokémon Go mobile game is now available on Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

Releasing in the US last week, Pokémon Go has been a huge success and has become the most popular mobile game in US history. Both making people exercise and socialize, Pokémon Go is bringing people together in a way that hadn’t ever been done before. Catching Pokémon, battling at a gym and updating your Pokédex is now as real as it has ever been.

Some fans in the UK managed to find a loop hole that allowed them to access the app before its release. By using a backdoor system in every Android device, and certain apps on iOS, Would-be trainers could download the APK or iOS game and install it “unofficially” allowing them to play the game before the rest of us.

Naturally, Pokémon Go and it’s innovative design has raised the heads of legal bodies, businesses, and parents, with some tabloids claiming it to be the most dangerous game ever created, allowing anyone to turn their home or any random location into a Pokémon Gym.

While not being a huge fan of the concept, I must admit that I have downloaded Pokémon Go on my iPhone. So far I’ve enjoyed it despite it having occasionally frozen upon catching a Pokémon, although this is a bug currently being reported by many since the games release. I’ve still got my old Pokédex from when I was a kid, and my Digidex from the alternative Digimon series.