Microsoft announce Xbox gamers to play against PS4 and PC in new update

With recent news of Microsoft making plans to allow Xbox gamers to play Xbox games on their PCs, today they’ve announced plans to open up the Xbox Live service to allow cross-service play. This means that Xbox gamers can play against PlayStation and PC gamers, but this will require Sony and other developers to participate in order for cross-service play to be possible.

Microsoft announced that Rocket League will be the first title to support such a feature, along with an open invitation for developers and networks to come along, enabling gamers to play together regardless of their choice of console.

This could be a make or break for Microsoft, but if this feature is successful it could change the way games are played online in the future.

We all know of the console wars which has been fought for generations now, gradually getting worse in recent years especially since the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 were announced, making and breaking friendships. If all developers and manufacturers tag along in this change of service it could very well end the console wars, but the PC Master Race will still claim the throne with keyboard and mouse being vastly superior over a controller. Surely they can’t limit PCs to require a controller to play cross-service titles in the future, so console manufacturers will have to allow the use of keyboard and mouse on their consoles, much like Unreal Tournament 3 did last-gen.

Taking this into account. What would happen to exclusive titles? Would it not be better to buy a gaming PC and a wireless controller/keyboard and mouse? If this plan is unsuccessful could it put Xbox into demise? We’ll let you discuss and let us know your thoughts in the comments or our social media pages.