We Say Goodbye to Lionhead Studios and More…

Microsoft have announced the proposed closures of Lionhead Studios, Press Play Studios, and also cancelling development on Project Knoxville in order to make way for new IPs.

Microsoft stated that the closure are not a reflection on the teams and they were delighted to have had such amazing talent and creativity work with them. Lionhead Studios were the team behind the much adored Fable series, and Press Play remembered for the well-orchestrated platformers such as Max: The Curse of Brotherhood and Kalimba.

The reason for the closures and cancellations is due to Microsoft Studios wanting to focus their attention on games and franchises that the fans want to play and find exciting.

Xbox quote that they remain committed to the development communities in the UK and Europe and their continued support to new IPs and originality in both AAA titles and indie titles.

Microsoft thank the members from Lionhead and Press Play for their work within the company and industry and contributions to the Xbox and gaming community. In spite of the closures Microsoft are working closely with those affected to help them find new work and opportunities with Xbox and partnering companies.

Let’s hope that this news turns a new page for Microsoft and Xbox, and leads them towards better things. With the news that they are planning to make the Xbox One upgradable could show their leave from the console market, making the Xbox One even closure to PC since their move to using Windows 10 on the console as opposed previous consoles running on specific operating software.