Viscera Cleanup Detail Review

Could somebody please tell me how I can managed to clean up a hazardous environment, yet not keep my room tidy?

Viscera Cleanup Detail is one of those games that is hard to explain.

Your objective is to clean up the most disgusting places imaginable, even Satan’s… I mean Santa’s Grotto, but for the most part is usually just scientific lab sites after an experiment gone horribly wrong has occurred. You’ve just got to clean, that’s it!


Although the concept of spending hours cleaning up dead bodies, moving boxes and crates, and even mopping the floor, I mean who wants to do that? Well a lot of people it would seem.

At the start of the game you’ve got a mop, two hands, a mess detecting device called Muckguyver, and a tablet with all the mission objective and even your employee code number. As you progress through the hellish filth you will come across new tools that will aid you in your seemingly fruitless endeavour, most are in all levels but some are level specific, but almost always you will find a sweeper and a laser welder which is used for fixing bullet holes and other damage, it’s actually really handy!

So you trudge through pools of blood and kick bodies around with utmost dignity, all in an attempt to see your non-existent reflection in the walls and the floor. Believe it or not it is not as easy as you would think, not at all.

There are many a hazard while cleaning up, some of which are dangerous but those kinds of hazards are only really present when playing with your friends. You can be blown up, smashed, flattened, munched and shot to death, and at least one of these methods of workplace related injuries are around in each of the levels.

Each human body should have a USB dongle or PID with them. These little things can sometimes go unnoticed, however you must do your best to collect these using your hands and return them to the little computer on the wall, making sure to go through your paperwork and fill out the forms detailing how you found them and how you suspect they died. So basically you are Detective Janitor Man.

Human waste isn’t always the only bio waste you’re going to be tossing into the incinerator as there are aliens, robots or deep sea creatures laying around too. In fact sometimes you’re left wondering when the full alien carcass you’re carrying is going to come alive and eat you, or if something is going to come out of the door you just opened and cut you up just like the previous occupants.

There are a lot of little things in this game that can go unnoticed though. Each level has a back story, a fun twist or often times there are Easter eggs hidden out of site, biggest of all are the little notes left by the recently deceased, in which one name makes a regular occurrence throughout all levels.


Who would’ve thought that a simple cleaning simulator would require so much beef in your PC? But when you think about it, sometimes it requires serious guts to tackle some of the mess that real life throws your way.

Although the recommended specifications for Viscera Cleanup Detail are somewhat low, to run the game on ultra-settings with a stable 60fps does actually require some hefty gear especially because it is somewhat CPU dependent, but the recommended specs are definitely usable.

Before I upgraded my gaming rig I was running it at medium/high on my old AMD FX 4950 and GeForce GTX 660 Ti with a semi-stable 60fps, but that was just that rig and your results may vary.


The control scheme is simple mouse/keyboard with a standard button scheme and no game pad mode, although you can always remap your keys to work with a game pad, that’s if you’re into that sort of thing. Who knows you could be playing it on TV with a Steam Controller.

Using the controls can often times be difficult especially when navigating the mouse pointer on the clock-out machine, but for the most part they’re fine.


Although the game is a whole lot of fun you will discover some little difficulties while playing, the biggest of which is the physics engine. You have to be incredibly careful while transporting boxes filling with bodily remains as they’re known to spaz out and throw things in a bloody fit which makes an infernal mess, especially when they land on a nice clean floor.

If you’ve got a full bucket of water you need to be sure that you’ve placed it on something nice and flat, if you fail the buckets only request it will fail you by tipping its contents all over, and you don’t want that even if it’s a fresh clean bucket.

Little things such as guts or fire can sometimes go out of bounds or disappear through the map and can seriously hinder your overall score.

When you’re playing online you’ve got to make sure that you keep your bloody footprints to a minimum or it will start to cause issues and display all kinds of network errors, thankfully though this is an easy issue to fix unless you’re lazy.

Final Thoughts

Viscera Cleanup Detail is an all-around fun game and more so when you’re playing with some co-workers, I mean friends, as you can get up to some serious shenanigans and you can also speed through the levels.

It is extremely addictive which is surprising considering what the sole purpose of the game is. You may find yourself refusing to go to the bathroom until you’ve finished cleaning the room you’re in, or finished the level, and I can promise you that saving and clocking off can sometimes leave you with a lack of resolve.

I can promise that if your parents, partner or family see you playing this game they will question both your real life ability to maintain a clean environment, and your mental state.

“Why are you playing a game all about cleaning?” – My Mother 2015

“You’re playing a game where you have to clean up but your place is constantly a mess.” – My grandparents.

If you play this game and hear something similar then you’re playing it right! If you don’t have it then head to Steam or your favourite online code retailer and get yourself a copy for anywhere around £10 or less.