Stick it to The Man – Review

Stick it to the Man is a game that has totally past me by, until the recent release on PS4 and the excellent PlayStation plus service offered it out free to members. If I’m quite honest I expected the game to be pretty crappy, but I was more than pleasantly surprised. The premise of the game is that you play as Ray and in all honesty he is a bit of a loser, the type of friend we all have and when you see him coming you have to prepare yourself for the conversation. One dark, rainy evening Ray is walking home and then BAM!!!! An object falls out of the sky and cracks him right on the bonce! (poor Ray) well after this incident Ray now has somehow gained the ability to read people’s minds using this weird noodle arm that is sticking out of his head, and only Ray can see it. As the story progresses, Ray finds himself being the Number 1 suspect for a crime he didn’t commit and hilarity ensues.

The game play of Stick it to the man is very simplistic, you read the mind of people you realize they have a problem then you explore the fairly simple platform world to find a sticker to solve a problem. Once you find the sticker you give it to the person then it opens another mission for another NPC. It can get quite tiring moving back and forth to find the people who need specific stickers, but because the world is so enjoyable it pulls you through those very rare moments and the game often comes together all at once and it gives a real sense of achievement to the player.

Graphically the game is really pretty, it is another perfect example of why art direction is better than brute graphics power. I’ve played the game solely on PS Vita using the PS4 remote play ability and the game is so beautiful on the OLED screen. Graphically I’d compare it to most is Tearaway it has a very similar paper style to it, whilst being a bit more vibrant colour wise. On PS4 Stick it to the Man is 1080P and has system specific features like the thoughts of people who you mind read comes through the dual shock 4 controller. The game is also available for ps3 and vita with the cross buy option so you buy once to use on both consoles. Also a WII U version is also in the works.

My main love for the game comes from the writing, I adore it. The game has a very cartoon like level of humour, and at times actually had me howling with laughter. The humour reminded me of the cartoon Almost Naked Animals, very observational but not obvious. I could easily see a cartoon spin off of this game on YouTube. For me the humour gels together the game world without it the game would suffer tremendously. The way I can describe it is the game play is the bricks and the narrative is the cement that holds it all together.

Overall Stick it to the Man is arguably the best Indie game on PS4, for me it runs Resogun very close for the title and I’m not really an indie fan at all. I can’t recommend it highly enough. The fun starts at the first minute and rolls right through to the end. I’ve held back on story and combat, because it is best for you to experience it first hand, but it is excellent.

Stick it to the Man is available On PC, PS4, PS3 & Vita cross buy and very soon on the Wi U. All I can say now is buy it!