Save The Last Humans – Shaine Reviews Resogun

At the Launch of the PS4, Sony offered two games as part of the rather excellent PlayStation plus membership, Resogun and Contrast. I knew very little of these games as I’m not really a big indie gamer, but playing Resogun has opened my eyes to the world and the charm of indie games.

Resogun is a very simple game at its core, you are a spaceship, you destroy other spaceships whilst trying to save as many little green humans as possible. The beauty of Resogun is the intensity you have to play the game, there is zero time for your mind to stray from this game or you will be obliterated. you are always on the edge of defeat especially on the higher difficulty settings and this is what makes the game so addictive. you never want to give up. Resogun gives you the choice of 3 spaceships that you can choose from, The Nemesis, the Ferox and the Phobos. each ship has its own set of unique attributes, speed, boost and overdrive, so there will definitely be a ship that suits your play style.

The control system of resogun is easy master it is basically an old school arcade game quite similar to games like asteroid. you have left analogue stick which moves your craft and right analogue stick which shoots, the shoulder buttons also have a bomb, boost and overdrive these need to be mastered to get the best scores and I’ve seen some scores in the 90 million plus mark. Resogun also makes great use of the DualShock 4 built in speaker. Each Level of Resogun consists of 3 phases each getting slightly more difficult and then a boss battle at the end. the game isn’t a very long game and it is not a story driven game at all, you basically go out there get the job done and try and get as high a score as you can possibly get. Each difficulty level has its own maximum multiplier  for example, Recruit is a x5 multiplier and it moves up in increments of 5 until master difficulty which is x20 but with each difficulty you get less time to string together kills for your multiplier before you lose it.


Resogun is arguably the best game on PS4, it’s addictive and fun game play, whilst difficult never makes you want to give up the fight. I could find very few  negatives with Resogun, my only gripe was there could of been maybe 2-3 more levels and I wouldn’t be surprised if there was DLC planned for extra missions and spaceships. if you didn’t manage to pick up Resogun for free with PlayStation plus it is currently on the PlayStation store for £12.79, GO BUY IT!