The Helghan Are Here – Shaine Reviews Killzone: Shadow Fall

Killzone has now been around since the PS2 days and whilst never pulling up any trees it has gained quite a cult following from some of the PlayStation fans, me included. the games signature heavy feel, loud guns and ropey story has always received criticism from gamers, and the fact that after the cliff hanger ending of Killzone 3 Guerrilla games have confirmed they will not be finishing the story, Killzone fans have a right to be disillusioned with the franchise;  but now Killzone Shadow fall has appeared from the next gen smog with a whole new emphasis on story. Will killzone finally be treated as one of the better FPS game?

Through the campaign you play as a Shadow Marshall called Lucas Kellan and your job is to keep the peace between the humans and the Helghans who are currently occupying the same world, but a standoff ensues and Lucas encounters many moral choices to keep the worlds population living in harmony. the campaign isn’t that bad, but by no means is it great. the linear finale, characters I couldn’t seem to relate to and the fact after the first couple of missions you never really needed to change your gun didn’t put me off putting 14 hours into the story. the OWL on the other hand i didn’t like. there were large parts of the story where you had no access to it, which for me was annoying to say the least as the game is formed around using it and during intense fire fights it doesn’t feel as accessible to use as it could of been if it was put on the D-Pad.

Killzone, like its predecessors is a stunning game and the best looking PS4 and next gen game. Guerilla a bit like Crytek games are often referred to as tech demos as the games have very little substance, but always blow your socks off in terms of visuals. During parts of shadow fall I found it impossible to stop myself looking at scenery, the mission where you fly over the city is incredible, the lighting is stunning, the reflections off the buildings are pin sharp and the backgrounds, they looked so good! Enemy character models were fantastic, the brutal melee attacks were so satisfying,  the crunching of the neck was beautifully gruesome and the guns looked unbelievable and sounded just as good it’s a truly next gen looking game.

Killzone Shadow Fall has cut back on the franchises usual linear & cinematic campaign and in place they have opened the world up with side quests you can take on before going to your main objectives, but this doesn’t last past the first few missions, lets just say the mission that takes place in the forest is not representative of the whole games layout, you do end up back in some dark and dank corridors. Also they have taken away the sluggish and heavy feel away from the movement and guns and for me i was a little disappointed with that, it now has a more generic call of duty feel to it. the soul of Killzone was 90% how the game played and now  that has gone it left me feeling empty. they obviously changed the feel of the game to appeal to a wider audience, but it no longer feels like a Killzone. 


If killzone Shadow Fall was a person it would be one of those 13 year old’s on twitter who overuse the word “Swag” and “YOLO” they have very little substance, but they try to appeal to the masses, this sums up Killzone for me. If  a game was ever a 7/10 it would be this one, Whilst Killzone Shadow Fall is the best looking next gen game it certainly isn’t the best.  the story isn’t great, it really needed some sort of choice included into the story seeing as you were working between two factions. Lucas as a character never really bonded with me and he never really felt “bad ass” enough for the role he had undertaken. the bigger more open missions don’t really stretch far past the forest mission and optional objectives never challenge you. the games saving grace is its multiplayer, it is absolutely fantastic! And with free maps incoming and guerrilla shaping the experience through fan feedback it is only going to get better.