X-748k Optical Gaming Mouse

Yes yes I know the banner leaves much to be desired but I wanted to get right into the review. If you didn’t know, this is a rewrite because the first attempt was a pile of cack and totally required a rewrite.

Today I’m going to be re-reviewing A4-Tech’s X-748k gaming mouse. I bought this mouse on recommendation from my good friend Shiinsuh, he’s owned one for well over a year now and he still loves it, I gave his a little try and I loved it so I bought one too. I’ve got to say that I’m really impressed, it’s by far the nicest mouse I’ve ever used.

Okay so some I’m just going to slap down some technical stuff about the mouse:

  • Onboard 16K memory.
  • Adjustable USB report rate from 125Hz to 1000Hz.
  • Adjustable resolution up to 3200 DPI with six default settings of 600 – 800 – 1200 – 1600 – 2400 – 3200DPI.
  • 6500 frames per second.
  • 8 mega pixels per seconds image processing.
  • 1ms Serial Peripheral Interface.
  • 15g Maximum Acceleration.
  • Weight tuning system.
  • Adjustable key response time.

If you don’t understand that, it means it’s good.

The mouse has eight buttons, seven of which are fully programmable using Oscar, X-7’s mouse editing software which allows you to setup default macros or make your own, there is nothing you can’t do. Also with this software you can edit the response rate and setup six of your own custom DPI settings with different coloured LEDs for each mode, one, two or six it’s your choice.

The custom macros are really helpful for games and other programs, think about this, you’re enjoying some gaming but the gun you’re using has a ton of recoil, just a few clicks in Oscar and you can setup a macro that moves the mouse down while firing to keep a good aim, most helpful. If you’re a player of MMORPGs you can even set up macros to buttons for performing strategic tasks or to command people to do certain things.

This is the first mouse I’ve ever known to give you replacement mouse feet in with the packaging in case the ones already on wear down, and according to the case that’s roughly around 250 kilometres, also the buttons stay healthy for around 8,000,000 click.

The mouse has a very nice shape to it providing good grip while also combing precision and top grade stability, to help this there is a rubber grip for the thumb. I mentioned earlier about a weight tuning system, this is done by opening to rather discreet compartment on the underside of the mouse which contains what looks like the cylinder from a revolver, in this cylinder are seven weights weighing 19.5grams in total and you can move them around and remove them as much as you please, giving you that extra bit of control to help get you up to the MVP or move you up to the next level in your favourite MMO.

To me this mouse is amazingly awesome, I’ve never felt a mouse this comfortable and I’ve never had so much fun making macros like rapid fire. The DPI button can be very useful when trying to set your sights on some poor soul’s 3D face when gaming online, well either that or making a precise movement in a 3D editor or Photoshop. I will have an unboxing video up on YouTube soon, I know I promised it on my twitter page and on the Insert-Controller Facebook page but this time I mean it, so look forward to it.



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